Case study: SYNTARQUI 3D Configurator - SHIN SOFTWARE

3D Configurator


The “Arquifil Collection” project aims to be a milestone for the bio architecture of the contemporary world. With this aim, SHIN SOFTWARE has created an application able to configure and display complex urban scenarios in which the Syntarqui product represents a significant added value. Furthermore, to maximize the user engagement and guarantee a significant increase of the brand awareness, the “Arquifil Collection” project has been incorporated into an immersive virtual reality experience, to testify the innovative approach of the company.

With SHOWin3D, the Syntarqui 3D configurator is able to create, in real time, engaging interactive renders enriched with photorealistic lighting effects to provide a perfect overview of the Arquifil products applied to any architectural project.

Moreover, the multi-level integration with Amazon AWS represents a further point of strenght of this advanced rendering system: the native cloud architecture enables multi-platform operations while the AWS RDS database display the configurations basing on the content and AWS CloudFront and S3 guarantee an efficient distribution and storage of the contents.

3D Configurator

Technical features

Amazon AWS
CAD conversion
Cloud Front
Photorealistic Rendering
Virtual reality