Caleffi Spa - App Pipe Sizer

Caleffi’s notebooks on multimedia devices

The Project

On the occasion of MCE 2016, the most important exhibition in the sector of heating and air-conditioning, Caleffi decided to present an application able to process the information provided in the “Quaderni Caleffi” (Caleffi Notebooks), thorough, easily consultable publications useful for calculating air and water head losses, appreciated by all the professionals in the sector.


The Client

With over 1,000 employees, a presence in over 70 countries and a turnover exceeding 259m euro, the group, made up of 15 companies, 2 representative offices and 3 Italian production plants, develops and produces components for heating, air-conditioning and water-sanitary installations, heat accounting systems and specific components for renewable energy plants.



The App for web and mobile (for android and IOS operating systems), called Pipe Sizer, had to enable rapid and correct calculation of the head losses for a water or air installation.


The App was designed to manage localised or distributed losses, conveniently and effectively, appearing as a technological evolution of the well-known notebooks.


The App was developed starting from services for the management of the databases of the various types of pipe for water or air, with the possibility of including or changing individual parameters and the automatic settings of units of measurement according to the country of operation and enables calculation of distributed head losses for water or air installations by entering diameter, or rPR, or VPR or rPR VPR, with any optional limits, and of localised head losses for water or air installations (by selecting whether with a circular or rectangular channel) managing a list of losses.

The application is multilingual, produced in 19 languages.
Pipe Sizer can be found in the Android and iOS stores.

Pipe Sizer has received very positive comments, to the satisfaction of the Caleffi team, which has once again been able to demonstrate its ability to combine product quality with the technological evolution of the support.

Subsequent events

Pipe Sizer will be followed by other applications for websites and mobile devices, always with the purpose of backing designers and plumbers. Caleffi presents itself not only as a leading company in the production of products but also as a reliable partner in consultancy and training.