Caleffi Spa - App Domestic Water Sizer

Sizing water and sanitary installations, web and mobile

The Project

Caleffi offers a wide range of excellent products for the creation of civil and industrial hydraulic plants, but also valuable support tools, and therefore wanted a web and mobile application to calculate the correct sizing of plants and, according to the results, suggest the most suitable products.


The Client

With over 1,000 employees, a presence in over 70 countries and a turnover exceeding 259m euro, the group, made up of 15 companies, 2 representative offices and 3 Italian production plants, develops and produces components for heating, air-conditioning and water-sanitary installations, heat accounting systems and specific components for renewable energy plants.



Water Sizer App had to meet strict requirements in terms of complexity of calculation, multiplicity of parametric values, according to the standards in various countries, and speed of response; it had to be reliable and easy to update and, not least, it had to have a simple but graphically agreeable interface.


The App was designed to calculate the sizing basing itself on the data entered by the designer and to indicate the Caleffi products most suitable to the needs, chosen within the rich and varied catalogue, dialoguing dynamically with the company site, considering all four families of Caleffi products (pressure reducers; mixers; accumulation boilers and expansion tanks).


The App was developed with the aim of providing the same information on each type of device and making the maintenance and expansion of the system easy and quick, providing instruments for the management of the articles and of the grouping in categories and for the inclusion of new products from the company website. Web versions were created to be integrated into the company website, together with a data collection system for the analysis of requests and marketing orientation.

The customer applications are multilingual.
Water Sizer is to be found on the Android and iOS stores.

Water Sizer responded excellently to the needs of the wide and varied international customer base of Caleffi, which is always professional and thorough.

Subsequent events

Seeing the considerable success achieved by Water Sizer, demonstrated by the thousands of Downloads effected, Caleffi has elaborated a programme of development of similar applications for the purpose of supporting the activity of designers and dealers.