An effective way to present products, making them interactive and customisable, gathering the users’ preferences and discovering market trends.

3D Catalogue

An advanced software for organising product information, identifying codes, description and prices and for editing the graphical interface.

  • Backend of catalogue creation
Main features
  • Subdivision of products into categories and subcategories
  • For each product, possibility of viewing descriptions, identifying codes and picture galleries
  • Integrated search system
  • Possibility of creating an unlimited number of catalogues
  • Centralised handling of information and possibility of including validity and/or expiry dates
  • Ample possibilities of customisation: base colour, templates, contact details, descriptions and others
Standard features

3D Configurator

Enables the creation of a personalised version of the product, starting from the basic elements provided by the administrator of the contents.
Shin Software, in case of specific needs, can develop additional features to better meet customers’ needs.

  • Graphical interface customised according to the needs of the company and its customers
  • Configuration of the product, with the possibility of choosing colours, adding optionals, modifying measurements and layout
  • Buttons for activating sequences (exploded views, displacements, insertions, extractions)
  • Presentation of technical and use information
  • Multilingual
  • Generation of a technical data sheet of the configured product, with chosen optionals and automatically generated images of the final result
  • Saving of the configurations on a remote server
  • Generation of a univocal code to identify the configuration by the user
Optional features
  • Possibility of rotating and zooming and of changing the language
  • Possibility of including easily accessible additional information as to features and modes of use
  • Possibility of integration into websites via iframe
  • Use with mobile applications for iOS, Android and Winn
  • Use with offline touch monitor in the context of trade fairs, showrooms and events
  • Offline functioning, maintaining all the features of the Web version
  • Tracking of software use and statistics

The advantage of a centralised management of contents and of the tracking of the choices, to offer a more effective service, is guaranteed also in offline use.

Common features
  • Optimisation of CAD models
  • Production of complete or partial contents (in cooperation with the company personnel
  • Development of additional features to respond to any specific needs and subsequent training paths

Catalogue and Configurator are designed to ensure total autonomy to the client and offer an interactive, captivating customer experience during the purchasing process.

Services provided by Shin Software