With e-learning and interactive 3D it is possible to effectively explain the procedures to be carried out on the products and at the same time track the level of training

Training, manuals, assistance and customer care

For any company it is fundamental to train your installers, maintenance staff and technicians in an adequate, complete manner, but also to inform dealers and users clearly and exhaustively about your products.
Interactive 3D technology is essential for simplifying and optimising the relationship between company, technical or commercial intermediaries and customers.

  • Ease of creation of versions in other languages by the use of greater visual than textual contents.
  • Ease of distribution through a greater number of channels of communication
  • Ease of consultation thanks to intuitive, rapid navigation, to the possibility of rotating, zooming, visualising details, information tables and animations.
  • Ease of revision of contents

There is an evident saving compared with the costs of producing and distributing a paper Use and Maintenance Manual.

The advantages of the 3D Manual

3D use and maintenance manuals

Shin Software offers an interactive 3D Use and Maintenance Manual for websites and Mobile devices. This advanced version of the classic paper or PDF manual, has no limits as to type, number of topics and complexity of their organisation, but has the advantage of being easily consultable thanks to interactive menus and the possibility of returning always and immediately to the general index.