We will support you in the creation of sophisticated interactive configurators, showrooms or catalogues, increasing the effectiveness of your presence in the exhibition.

From the possibility of rotating, zooming and modifying the 3D digital copy of the products on display to that of handling a virtual model of an as yet unrealised design, Shin Software technology will enable you to present contents in a sophisticated, entertaining and detailed manner, promoting the image of a modern, innovative enterprise, with a great appeal to visitors to the exhibition space.
The various manipulations, rendered in real time in High Definition also offline, for websites and mobile devices, can be tracked to improve the proposal over time and provide more effective services.

Beyond the booth space
  • Graphical interface customised according to the needs of the company and its customers
  • Configuration of the product, with the possibility of choosing colours, adding optionals, modifying dimensions and layouts
  • Buttons for activating sequences (exploded views, displacements, insertions, extractions)
  • Presentation of technical and use information
  • Presentation of prices, conditions of purchase and commercial information (list of dealers, delivery times etc.)
  • Multilingual
  • Optimisation of CAD models
  • Creation of complete or partial contents (in cooperation with the company personnel)
  • Development of additional features to respond to any specific needs and subsequent training paths

Shin Software’s solutions for exhibitions and events offer an interactive and captivating experience as if inside points of sale and showrooms.

Services provided by Shin Software