Virtual visits to furnished spaces, appreciating their proportions, materials and lighting. A great innovation for anyone working in architecture and building.
  • Greater visibility and exploitation of brands, products and their features
  • Modern, innovative image of the company
  • Exciting, captivating style of communication for customers and, especially, prospective customers
  • Important support for web and also traditional marketing campaigns
  • High-level, but easy-to-use technology
  • Costs affordable for a small company

Virtual show-rooms, exhibition booths and tours are innovative, effective tools for the development of any company.

The advantages

Interactive 3D spaces

Customisable and freely navigable, they can present products, designs or the company itself, accompanying users on a virtual tour of its spaces. They propose images, videos, animations of three-dimensional models, windows for detailed study and are reachable from the customer’s website or through apps for mobile devices, touch monitors and local devices.

  • Complete realisation of Virtual show-rooms, exhibition booths and tours
  • Customers’ management web platforms (backend)
  • System of publication of Virtual show-rooms, exhibition stands and tours
  • User training
  • Technical support for companies and their partners (IT managers, web agencies, external system analysts)
  • Constant support for technological updating and service level

The system can be extended by integrating multi-user visits and vocal chats for online conferences; or can be integrated into e-commerce systems.

The offer

Services provided by Shin Software

  • Optimisation of CAD models
  • Development of additional features for specific needs and subsequent training paths
  • Graphics responding to the needs of the company and its customers
  • Totally customisable environments, backgrounds and scenarios
  • Presentation of individual products or collections
  • Inclusion of technical and use information
  • Buttons for the activation of sequences (exploded views, displacements, insertions, extractions)
  • Entering of commercial information (prices and purchase conditions, resellers’ list, delivery times)
  • Multilingual

At all times in the Virtual showrooms, exhibition booths and tours it will be possible to rotate and zoom the contents from every viewpoint to enable observation of all details.