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Try Before You Buy

The future of online shopping is no longer limited to flat images. With interactive technology of SHOWin3D, customers can rotate, zoom, and inspect every detail of a clothing item, just as they would in a physical store.

Personalized Shopping Experience

User customizing outfits on a 3D avatar. Fashion is personal. With interactive experience of SHOWin3D, shoppers can modify designs, colors, and see them on avatars that match their body type, height, and skin tone, ensuring a personal touch with every purchase.

Accurate Prototyping

The traditional method of prototype creation is time-consuming and resource-intensive. SHOWin3D revolutionizes this process, allowing instant changes and adaptations without wasting material.

SHOWin3D piattaforma 3D
Our scalable, codeless, and flexible platform for immersive 3D experiences
Virtual Catwalks

Thanks to SHOWin3D, gone are the days of geographically limited audience reach. With virtual catwalks, brands can showcase their collections to a global audience, making fashion more inclusive and accessible.

Sustainable Fashion

Comparison of traditional vs. 3D design processes. Sustainability is the need of the hour. SHOWin3D technology minimizes wastage, as brands no longer need to produce excessive physical samples. This results in a more eco-friendly and cost-effective design process.

SHOWin3D Key Points



Experience true-to-life representation of clothing items.



Make informed decisions, leading to more satisfying purchases.

Lower Returns

Lower Returns

Improved visual clarity means fewer surprises and reduced return rates.



Save on materials and time.

and not only ...

Instant feedback allows for quick design adjustments.

Share and modify designs in real-time with team members worldwide.

Broadcast runway shows to a worldwide audience.

Experience: Viewers can zoom in, rotate, and view outfits from multiple angles.

Less physical infrastructure means a reduced carbon footprint.

Cater to diverse body types and sizes.

Customize colors, patterns, and styles.

Try clothes virtually using AR, blending the digital and physical worlds.

Digital prototyping eliminates the need for excessive physical samples.

Accurate 3D models can lead to better production quality and fit.

Showcase a brand’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

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Founded in 1910, Zegna is a luxury Italian fashion brand renowned for its meticulous craftsmanship, superior quality fabrics, especially in men’s tailoring, and a commitment to sustainable practices, epitomizing the elegance and sophistication of Italian style.

The Challenge

Rewrite the luxury consumer experience to bridge the gap between physical stores and digital channels addressing the specific personal requirements of our clients — from cut and colour, to styling, measurements, and material.

How can we make billions of options available to customers without the need for all the physical samples while still upholding Zegna’s extremely high-quality standards?

The Solution

Edoardo Zegna, Chief Marketing, Digital and Sustainability Officer of ZEGNA said: “Technology is a luxury when it makes your life easier. At ZEGNA we see digital as something way bigger than a mere sales channel”. ZEGNA has set for itself the challenge and opportunity to elevate the future of retail based on the highest level of one-to-one service.

This innovative platform allows Zegna’s customer advisors worldwide to connect with clients and offer personalized recommendations. With more than 49 billions possible combinations ZEGNA X is able to show the customers the best styling options based on their individual tastes and requirements.

The ZEGNA X 3D Configurator has been unveiled with an In-Store Maxi Screen experience at ZEGNA’s Montenapoleone store in Milan, in April 2023 during Milan Design Week. This has immediately been followed by a launch across Zegna's key global stores worldwide.

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