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Breton SpA, a leading supplier in the production of cutting-edge machinery for stone cutting and processing, has taken on the challenge of showcasing the digital twin of their advanced GENYA marble cutter at the prestigious TISE in Las Vegas.




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In an increasingly competitive market characterized by a growing focus on the customer, Rubinetterie Stella has expressed the desire to initiate a significant digital transformation process. This change aims to shift its center of gravity from an offering based exclusively on the product to a customer-centric proposition. Through this transformation, the company intends to strengthen its ability to respond more effectively to customer needs, offering them a personalized and high-quality experience. This new approach will not only improve customer satisfaction but also consolidate Rubinetterie Stella’s position as a market leader capable of innovating and adapting to the continuously evolving dynamics of the industry.

So, how do we provide a distinctive experience to allow visitors to see GENYA in action, highlighting its precision and efficiency?

Shin Software Visualizzatore-Configuratore 3d machinery
Shin Software Configuratore 3d machinery


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Starting from the CAD design files, a GENYA 3D model was integrated with real-time cutting simulations, allowing users to manipulate viewing angles, activate or replace specific components and accessories, and see the machine in action on various materials.
The real-time interactive 3D presentation created with SHOWin3D has offered an innovative experience for the entire sector, giving potential customers the opportunity to virtually “operate” the machine and understand its precision and capabilities.

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