// Re-designing the furniture industry

at first sight

letto matrimoniale rendering 3d in real-time
// A vertical solution

A game changer
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SHOWin3D transforms the furniture industry, enhancing visuals, boosting sales, and elevating customer experiences


Awarded with the Manufacturing and Industrial Competency status

letto matrimoniale rendering 3d in real-time
// main benefits

Experience unparalleled detail,
dynamic views, and an immersive buying journey

Visual Engagement

Our photo-realism shows products in stunning detail, letting customers see the exact texture, color, and design of each furniture piece. This includes the capacity for 360-degree views where customers can rotate, zoom, and explore every angle.

Cost Efficiency and Scalability

The use of SHOWin3D allows for digital prototyping, eliminating the need for physical prototypes and thereby reducing costs. Additionally, businesses can easily update, add new products, change designs, or scale their 3D catalog without incurring significant overheads.

Boosted Conversion Rates

A SHOWin3D experience can transform browsers into buyers by providing them with increased confidence in their purchases. This is due to the detailed visualization and the interactive features, such as hotspots and annotations, that offer more information or customization options.

SHOWin3D piattaforma 3D
Our scalable, codeless, and flexible platform for immersive 3D experiences
Immersive AR Experiences

Another benefit of SHOWin3D allows customers to virtually place furniture items in their own spaces using Augmented Reality (AR). This ensures that they choose furniture that fits and complements their environment. This AR experience is also enhanced by being compatible with mobile devices.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

By letting customers place the furniture in their own spaces and providing a detailed view of each item, the chances of returns are reduced, and customer satisfaction is increased.

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