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Our technology transforms the machinery industry by empowering businesses to visualize, analyze, and understand their complex machines in an unprecedented three-dimensional approach.

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Explore the revolutionary advantages
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Bring your marketing efforts to life. Showcase your machinery products in 3D on your website, social media, or in augmented and virtual reality experiences. Stand out from the competition.

Costs & Time

Cut down on physical prototypes with our 3D visualization solution. Save costs, reduce errors, and shorten product development cycles.

Sales Process

Showcase any machinery products in a 3D environment, helping your sales team to easily explain complex features and benefits. let your customers experience your products interactively, fostering understanding and boosting sales.


With SHOWin3D, intricate machinery details are no longer a puzzle. Our platform enables you to disassemble every component, explore its function and visualize how it interacts with other parts, all in a 3D environment.

Elevated Training
& Service

Streamline your service and training processes. With 3D models, your team can understand machinery design and function better. Accelerate the learning curve, enhance troubleshooting efficiency, and reduce downtime.

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Our scalable, codeless, and flexible platform for immersive 3D experiences
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Breton's Innovation: Showcasing GENYA

Breton SpA, a leading provider of cutting-edge stone machinery, faced the challenge of displaying their advanced GENYA marble-cutter in a way that stood out at the prestigious JEC World PARIS

The Challenge

Previous exhibitions used standard video demonstrations and physical models, which lacked interactivity and real-time insights. Traditional display methods were unable to fully capture the capabilities and unique features of the GENYA marble-cutter.

So, how provide a unique and immersive experience that would allow attendees to see the GENYA in action, highlighting its precision and efficiency?

The Solution

Real-time 3D technology was employed to create a dynamic and interactive display of the GENYA at work.

Starting from the CAD file, a 3D model of the GENYA was integrated with real-time cutting simulations, allowing users to manipulate viewing angles, zoom in on specific components, and see the machine in action on various materials.

The real-time 3D interactive display offered an immersive experience, giving potential clients the ability to virtually 'operate' the machine and understand its precision and capabilities.

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