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SHOWin3D is our innovative and cutting-edge platform that revolutionizes the way we create and disgribute 3D experiences. Combining state-of-the-art technology with user-friendly interfaces, SHOWin3D offers a seamless and immersive experience for creators, businesses, and audiences alike.

The elasticity of the cloud, the scalability of rules-based engine.

// easy as a piece of cake

The 3 main steps
of SHOWin3D process

The first step in the SHOWin3D process is to upload a 3D model or design onto the platform. Users can do this by accessing their accounts and selecting the "Upload" option. They can then choose the 3D file they wish to showcase from their local storage or cloud storage services.
The platform supports various common 3D file formats like OBJ, STL, FBX, and more, ensuring flexibility for users to upload their models created using different 3D modeling software.

After the 3D model is successfully uploaded, users can proceed to customize its presentation. The SHOWin3D platform offers a user-friendly interface that enables users to interact with the 3D model and make various adjustments to its appearance. Users can rotate, pan, and zoom the 3D model to view it from different angles, allowing for a more comprehensive and immersive experience. Additionally, they may apply texture overlays, add annotations, or include relevant metadata to provide context and information about the model.
Once the 3D model is uploaded and customized to the user's satisfaction, the next step is to share it with others. SHOWin3D provides multiple sharing options to cater to various scenarios.
Users can generate a unique URL for their 3D model, which can be easily shared with friends, colleagues, or clients through email, social media, or messaging platforms. The platform also offers embedding capabilities, allowing users to embed the 3D model into websites, blogs, or online portfolios.

SHOWin3D Intro

// Vertical solution

One platform, many advantages

Enhanced understanding

SHOWin3D’s experiences allows users to perceive objects or data in a more natural and intuitive way, facilitating better comprehension of complex concepts or structures

Interactive exploration

SHOWin3D visualization often supports interactive features, enabling users to explore the models, zoom in/out, from different viewpoints, fostering a more engaging and immersive experience

Improved communication

SHOWin3D applications can be easily shared and presented, making it simpler to convey ideas, designs, or data across different audiences, such as clients, stakeholders, or team members

Error identification

In design and engineering fields, SHOWin3D helps identify potential flaws or issues early in the process, reducing the chance of errors and saving time and resources.

Realistic representation

With SHOWin3D visualization, objects can be presented with realistic textures, lighting, and spatial relationships, providing a lifelike representation of the subject matter.

Cost and time savings

By using SHOWin3D visualization to validate prototype and designs, companies can minimize the need for physical prototypes, leading to cost savings and faster product development cycles

// a image worth a thousand words

Some useful examples

Some video examples taken from our YouTube Channel that showcase the cutting-edge world of 3D technology and take you on a journey beyond imagination:

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