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Our 3D platform

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Training & certification

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Our 3D Platform As A Service (PAAS)

With our Codeless 3D Platform as a Service, we enable 3D transition for companies who haven’t yet actuated this strategy. We provide a unique customizable, business-focused 3D platform, that allows to create any type of 3D project without the need of coding, in real-time, in a distributed environment device-independent. We simplify the transition and the creation of 3D project in any industry Metaverse ready, increasing the speed, effectiveness and efficiency in realizing these projects.

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Sales & Marketing

  • Revenue sharing – a generous commission base partner program
  • Lead sharing – we match customer needs, based on requirements, locations, size, project type, passing to the best fitting partner the leads we receive.
  • Ready to use sales and marketing material – Including presentations, case studies, white paper, market analysis, competition analysis, and more.
  • Co-branding and co-marketing initiatives (co-participation at events, shared investment on digital marketing.
  • On-site/remote sales support.
  • Feedbacks, Shin Software holds regular partner advisory council meetings and solicits feedback through surveys to continuously improve the program.
  • Legal Agreements: Clear and fair partnership agreements outline rights, responsibilities, and expectations. A legal team ensures all partners are compliant.

The sectors we work

Cross Industries

  • Cross industries
  • Manufacturing
  • Fashion & Luxury
  • Automotive
  • Machinery
  • Nautical
  • Furniture
  • Mechanical Automation
  • Architecture
  • Medical
  • Packaging

The applications we deliver

Multiple application

  • Configuration of complex product
  • E-commerce
  • Training
  • Digital Twin
  • Sales presentation
  • Website presentation
  • Product catalogue
  • Space layout configuration
  • Sales force automation

The features we bring

Advanced features

  • Integration with third parties’ application
  • Photo realism
  • No coding platform
  • Automatic content upload
  • Unique platform for all sectors and application
  • Rendering Quality
  • Codeless efficiency
  • Fast update and maintaining
  • Complex rules handling
  • Input Process Automation
  • Digital Twin
  • Metaverse ready
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Technical Resources

  • Complete technical documentation.
  • Project consultancy
  • Special developments to adapt to customer needs.
  • Usage of the SHOWin3D Platform for demo purposes, testing, development and trials.
  • Continuous updates of the technology.
  • Quarterly technical workshops and forums facilitate collaboration with Shin Software’s product development teams
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Technical Resources

3d creator agency
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Training & certification

digital agency partner 3d
  • Training and Certification in 3D technology. Partners are onboarded through a comprehensive training program, including product knowledge, sales techniques, and technical support.
  • Transfer of knowledge to allow the partners to be autonomous.
  • Access to the Shin Academy offers online courses, webinars, and on-site training sessions for partners.

Shin Software senior engineers for on-site & remote support to the partner and the final customer.

Our partners profiles

1. Digital Agencies

That could offer services with our Platform as a Service SHOWin3D, for the perfect implementation 3D project for customers, providing configurator project consultancy, integration with online channels and systems – e.g. e-Commerce platform, ERP system, CRM system, B2B portal, Apps., developing the next generation 3D experiences on Customers’ websites.

2. System Integrators and 3D Creators

That using our SHOWin3D Platform helps customers to deliver their 3D projects, providing 3D consultancy & analysis, 3D data modeling services, 3D data optimization services, digitalization of customers’ materials samples for web-based 3D visualization, optimization of existing textures and texture map creation for best-in-class visualization of customers products

3. Consulting companies and 3D experts

That could provide consultancy related to specific 3D experience in any type of application from configurator project consultancy to Digital Twin experiences. Covering also data analysis and preparation, UX design, project management and project delivery

4. Business Partners

Work on a referral basis, referring clients to Shin Software, that will handle all the process from the initial scoping, to sale to implementation recognizing the value of the relationship with the business partner that will continue to keep the relation with the final customer.

5. Not in these categories?

Shin Software Partner programs reach different categories of classifying them into different tiers or levels based on their commitment, capabilities, and contributions. These levels can include:
Reseller Partners: These partners typically focus on selling the software to end customers.
Technology Partners: These partners integrate the software into their own products or services.
ISVs (Independent Software Vendors): Partners who develop complementary software that works with or enhances the main software product.
Alliance Partners: Larger, strategic partners that may collaborate on joint marketing, co-development, or co-selling efforts.

Why partnering with SHIN SOFTWARE

Playing in the right market sector
Market data show us that we are in the right market trend showing growth for the next 10 years.
A solid Team of professionals
Average years of experience is +20 years, CEO fully committed and dedicate to the company, focused management team, solid investors
AWS Certified
(+ competency)
Partner ready
a set of trusted partners already works with Shin Software solutions bringing new customers and developing advanced solution with an attractive consolidated partner program.
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    Promote a Collaborative Culture

    The entire organization supports the partner program’s goals, from sales and marketing to product development and customer support.

    For Shin Software, the focus is on nurturing long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with resellers, technology partners, and consulting firms.

    The program provides a range of benefits and resources to support the success of its partners while achieving its own objectives, which ultimately results in the continued growth of Shin Software in the 3D software market.

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