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Overcoming quoting issues

Easy quotes with 3D CPQ configurator

CPQ stands for Configure, Price, Quote, the process by which a customer automatically obtains a quote with product configurators.

In reality, the process extends to the subsequent stages that close the actual sale.

In general, it can be said that it is a sophisticated software solution used by companies to simplify their sales processes. This tool allows users to configure complex products or services according to their needs, quickly generate accurate quotes, and create professional proposals.

CPQ is a dream for sales representatives who want to spend more time with customers and not go crazy with complex quoting.

With CPQ configurators, companies can easily manage complex product catalogs, pricing rules, and discounts to ensure consistency across all sales channels. Additionally, this software integrates seamlessly with CRM systems and ERP platforms to provide a holistic view of the entire sales cycle.

Shin Software Configuratore 3d di arredo urbano in realtà virtuale

[C] Product configuration in 3D

Our company, shin software, specializes in creating 3D product configurators that allow users to “build” the product with characteristics to their liking. Product configurators have the potential to revolutionize how quotes are generated in various sectors. By allowing our clients to customize products according to their specific needs and preferences, our tools can provide more accurate and personalized quotes in a fraction of the time required by traditional methods. Our configurators not only simplify the quoting process but also help reduce errors and ensure that customers receive pricing information tailored to their specific needs. Furthermore, product configurators can improve customer satisfaction by giving them greater control over the products they are purchasing, resulting in a higher likelihood of conversion. In today’s competitive market, using product configurators for quotes is essential for companies that want to stay ahead of the curve and provide top-notch service to their customers.

Shin Software Configuratore 3d di abbigliamento

CPQ and VR

In particular, our 3D product configurators have the potential to revolutionize the quoting process for companies in various sectors. By using advanced technologies and immersive visualization features, including AR and VR, companies can offer their customers a highly interactive and personalized experience during product customization and quote reception. This tool allows customers to visually design the desired product in real-time, ensuring accuracy and reducing the likelihood of errors or misunderstandings during the quoting process. Overall, integrating 3D product configurators into the quoting process has the potential to boost sales, increase efficiency, and foster business growth in today’s competitive market landscape. Nel complesso, l’integrazione dei configuratori di prodotto 3D nel processo di preventivazione ha il potenziale per incrementare le vendite, aumentare l’efficienza e favorire la crescita del business nel panorama di mercato competitivo di oggi.

[P] Pricing definition

[P] Pricing definition

Companies and salespeople who do not use CPQ software have a slowed sales process, defined by the time required to provide accurate quotes. Manual quote processing sometimes requires price calculation with a series of significant difficulties, especially for products with multiple variants. The longer the processing time, the higher the risk of ending up with prices different from those presented to the customer or even the unavailability of the product.

CPQ is accuracy: it checks price and availability variations in real-time.

This is due to a series of variables that can change rapidly in the current market, implying unpredictable revisions. Thus, when a sales offer review process is requested, a change can become a bottleneck. This means that many companies struggle to provide quotes to customers promptly.

Numerous problems can lurk around the corner. For example, in an attempt to make a sale, a salesperson may offer too high a discount to a customer, and the reduced price ends up costing the company more than its value. It could also make future negotiations difficult if initial promises have to be repeated with a lower discount.

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[Q] Quoting

In the field of sales and marketing, using quotes with a product configurator can be a game-changer in engaging customers and closing deals. By integrating quotes with this technology, companies can provide customers with accurate and personalized information in real-time. This level of transparency fosters trust and confidence in the purchasing process, increasing the likelihood of conversion. Additionally, by simplifying the quoting process through automation, sales teams can save valuable time and resources that can be allocated to fostering deeper customer relationships or pursuing new leads.

Overall, incorporating quotes with our product configurator is an effective strategy to increase sales and improve the overall customer experience.

The heart of the CPQ system: integration

The success of CPQ lies in its integration with the information systems present in companies. Whether you have AS400 or Cloud systems, SHIN software can find the solution to ensure the right synergy between data and Digital Twin models.

Shin Software Configuratore 3d cpq preventivi

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