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Applications of Oculus and VR headsets in Industry

In recent years, Oculus and VR headsets have revolutionized the way many industries operate, opening up new possibilities and offering immersive experiences. There are various applications of Oculus in industry and they are changing the processes of training, design, collaboration and remote work. Virtual reality has become a new channel increasingly used by companies, as demonstrated by the experiences created by Audi, DHL and Walmart.

Sviluppo VR nell'industria

Sviluppo VR nell'industria

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SHOWin3D, with consolidated experience in Italy, fits well into this context. It is among the scalable platforms that can offer interactive 3D on every platform, including VR and AR. For entrepreneurs who dare, we can reveal aspects that actually improve productivity.

Implementing VR into your workflow could lead to significant improvements in collaboration, training, and overall performance. It is a relatively low-cost investment that can provide a high return in the long term; it’s worth a try
Source: Forbes

Training and Simulation

VR headsets have introduced a new approach to training and simulation, providing immersive experiences that allow professionals to acquire skills more effectively. In many industries, such as healthcare and aviation, Oculus is used for realistic simulations that allow professionals to gain hands-on experience without risking real-world situations or expensive equipment. With SHOWin3d we have acquired a broad wealth of experience, such that we can work alongside any type of company.

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Industry and entertainment

The use of VR is not limited to within the company. Audi has thought of its product as an environment in which to provide an experience to the customer too. Thus holoride was born.

“We took relevant data such as position, speed, steering, acceleration and braking and combined it with artificial environments. In this way, we have not only created a perfectly synchronized journey with movement through virtual worlds, but something radically new that entertains rear-seat passengers in an invisible way.”
Nils Wollny, co-founder and CEO of holoride

Design and Visualization

The use of Oculus in design and visualization is changing the way architects, designers and engineers work. Thanks to the virtual reality offered by VR headsets, it is possible to explore and modify projects interactively, allowing a better understanding of dimensions and details. This leads to greater efficiency and precision in the design phase.

BOEING’s experience is interesting. Managing millions of pieces is not easy, especially when very high safety standards must be guaranteed. Here augmented reality was used to help with the task.

“Traditionally technicians had to look at and interpret a twenty-foot long two-dimensional drawing and construct that image in their mind and attempt to connect based on this mental model. Using , technicians can easily see where the electrical wires go in the aircraft fuselage. [VR] They can wander around the aircraft and see full depth wiring renderings of their surroundings and access instructions hands-free.”

Brian Laughlin, Boeing Technical

Collaboration and Meetings

Oculus is transforming the way teams collaborate and conduct meetings. Through the use of shared virtual environments, professionals can work together regardless of their geographic location. This allows for greater collaboration, more creative brainstorming and faster decisions. Virtual meetings offer a more engaging and interactive experience than traditional video conferences.

Remote Work Solutions

Oculus also offers remote working solutions that allow professionals to work from anywhere, without the need to be physically present in the office. This is particularly advantageous for those who work in sectors such as engineering, architecture and design. The ability to view projects and collaborate with colleagues virtually allows for efficient and flexible work.

Not just oculus

Oculus is not the only player in the field of virtual reality. Other products such as Microsoft HoloLens, Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR and HTC Vive offer interesting alternatives. While each of these products has its own unique features, Oculus stands out for its intuitive user experience, visual quality and wide range of applications in industry.

3D viewers a future to explore

Oculus applications in industry are breaking new ground and offering unprecedented opportunities. From training to design, collaboration to remote work, Oculus is changing the way industries operate. It’s time to explore the potential of VR headsets and embrace this technology to benefit from its applications. The market is developing in quantity and quality, lowering access costs. There are several new features and Meta’s Quest Pro is one of the most anticipated technological devices on the market in recent years. Will it revolutionize the way you think about work? imagine the iPhone from a few years ago and you will understand.

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