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Overcoming Space Limits

Virtual Stands and 3D Virtual Products for Trade Fairs

The concept of a virtual stand refers to an online platform or digital space where businesses and individuals can showcase their products, services, or ideas in a simulated exhibition environment. Acting as a dynamic substitute for traditional physical stands, a virtual stand enables participants to interact with potential customers in an engaging environment. It typically incorporates interactive features for customized viewing to create a more active experience for visitors. Furthermore, a virtual stand offers various advantages such as convenience, accessibility from anywhere in the world, real-time data analytics, and unlimited scalability. As many industries increasingly embrace digitization and remote work modes, the use of virtual stands has gained significant popularity as an innovative solution to reach a global audience and maximize brand exposure. Whether it’s trade fairs, conferences, or product launches, having a virtual presence enables professionals to seamlessly connect with key stakeholders, effortlessly adapting to the needs of our technology-driven era.

Without Limits in Environments and Product Numbers

Shin Software Configuratore 3d di mobility urbana - stand virtuale
Shin Software Configuratore 3d di mobility urbana

Virtual stands present the concept of limitless product potential, referring to the unlimited scalability of a particular offering. In today’s hectic and ever-evolving business environment, organizations are constantly seeking ways to expand their market share and profitability. At trade fairs, it’s clear that presenting the entire range of production is impossible, especially in industries like machinery with large-format products. In contrast, a virtual stand inherently has the ability to showcase products without limits, catering to companies that can adapt and grow with changing consumer demands. Moreover, by eliminating constraints such as geographic limitations, companies can achieve new milestones in revenue generation and customer satisfaction. A virtual stand with products without limits allows companies to embrace innovation and explore new avenues for expansion. It enables them to tap into emerging markets, meet growing demand, and streamline operations efficiently. Ultimately, investing in a stand with limitless products not only ensures sustainability but also signifies a commitment to promoting long-term growth and success. Moreover, the product can be contextualized in a realistic environment, enhancing its perception.

Shin Software Configuratore 3d di showroom

Not Just Stands but Sophisticated Virtual Showrooms

Virtual showrooms are even more suited to virtualization, as they are free from the structural concept of the classic stand. They are sophisticated tools that revolutionize the way products are presented. Designed to simplify and enhance the product presentation process, virtual showrooms provide businesses with an economical and efficient solution to showcase their products realistically. Using advanced technological features such as interactivity, virtual reality (VR) simulations, and augmented reality (AR) applications, these platforms allow potential customers to view and experience products in an engaging manner. SHOWin3D by SHIN software is the perfect integration of technology with the real world, enhancing customer engagement while also providing valuable insights into consumer behavior and preferences through analysis. By adopting virtual showrooms, businesses can optimize their sales processes by offering their sales teams visually appealing product visualization tools, minimizing costs associated with traditional showrooms or fairs.

Shin Software Configuratore 3d di arredamento
Virtual Showroom

multiple Environments

Infinite Products and Configurations

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3D Stand Prototyping, More Than Just Rendering

Shin Software Configuratore 3d di stand
If we talk about physical stands, SHOWin3D meets the need with virtual products and prototyping evaluation of the stand, a crucial step in the development process of presenting a company at trade fairs. It allows evaluating the feasibility and functionality of design concepts. This involves creating a 3D representation of the prototype of a stand, which will be used for trade fairs, exhibitions, or retail displays. The prototyping process involves meticulous attention to details, considering factors such as materials, dimensions, structure, and aesthetics. SHIN software allows professionals in this field to simulate the stand and ensure that the prototype is visually appealing in real-world conditions. By meticulously refining prototypes through multiple iterations and gathering feedback from stakeholders, stand prototyping ensures that companies can refine their vision before proceeding with implementation. Navigating through the 3D model in real-time, as if in reality, is the best way to evaluate the project and make it executable. It’s even possible to evaluate the stand in virtual reality, providing an almost direct experience. This capability is uncommon in graphic agencies as they often present static renderings of the project. SHOWin3D by SHIN software, on the other hand, provides an interactive real-time experience that allows for a much more accurate analysis of the prototype.

Drawing Attention to Your Stand

Shin Software Configuratore 3d fiera di rubinetti
In today’s digital age, the presentation of 3D virtual products has evolved significantly, revolutionizing how companies showcase their offerings. Gone are the days of physical prototypes or static images; virtual product presentation now offers a dynamic and engaging experience.
The main advantage is being able to showcase a very large number of products or an almost infinite combination of them. This represents a paradigm shift in engaging the customer: no limits and full independence. Very limited spaces, use of tablets or touch screens, and a trade fair stand becomes interactive.

Our Virtual Showroom Solution

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