About us

Our philosophy

Shin is the English transliteration of the Chinese and Japanese ideogram meaning ‘heart, mind and spirit’ and refers to all things done with passion and determination.

We apply this approach to all our activities.


To approach every project starting from a proper understanding of the customer’s problems and needs, find the most suitable solution and implement it with attention, care and passion. We want each project to be the exact combination between what the customer wants and what our consultancy suggests.

  • Vision

    To raise the standard in consultancy in the interactive 3D context and become the reference company for those needing consultancy and design in this field.

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Our headquarters

The company operates from Lesa, on Lake Maggiore in North Italy, and is connected with teams of expert developers, positioned in strategic areas in a number of time zones (Italy, Ukraine, Canada, India, China) so that they can respond to the tight schedules and requirements of complex projects.

The origins

Shin Software, founded in Italy in 2011 by Stefan Provenzano, is a young IT company with a new approach to 3D for the business world: a 3D environment piloted by the databases, quick, intuitive and economical for any company.