Why choose us

“We chose interactive 3D, for web and mobile, as a support to sales in the new line in wood-fired kitchen stoves, Kitchen Kamin. Shin Software guarantees high graphical quality and simplicity of use affordable by our average user, coupled with a sophisticated system of integration with the company‚Äôs management systems.”

Paolo Gusella - IT Manager

“We were able, with the aid of Shin software and interactive 3D, to show the advantages of our mechanical solutions simply and comprehensibly, solutions combining technical complexity with ease of use. Result: success in the trade fair and compliments from the top managers of the client companies.”

Luigi Lodi - Technical Department Manager

“The solutions provided by Shin Software have enabled us to create internally, easily and quickly, rich, captivating interactive 3D presentations, able to exploit the quality of our products and make their explanation to sales personnel easier.”

Lia Giovanella - Marketing & Communication Manager

“We are market leaders. Everything we propose must have high standards of efficiency and reliability. Shin Software backs us up in the fine tuning of solutions such as apps, available on the website and in the stores, able to cope with the considerable demands of our market.”

Walter Bertona - Digital Marketing and Communication