Case study: SIPRO Virtual Showroom - SHIN SOFTWARE

Virtual Showroom


SIPRO’s vision and partnership with SHIN SOFTWARE made possible the creation of a true virtual showroom, a digital space where visitors can freely interact with SIPRO products to appreciate their features and identify the item that best meets their needs.
In a cozy and spacious environment with a panoramic view of the city, an intuitive interface in line with the company’s brand code offers the opportunity to view virtual models (digital twin) of SIPRO’s wide range of components for industrial automation in real time.

The goal of the SIPRO project is not limited to interaction with the 3D models alone but aims to convey, like a real showroom, all the information and specifications of the items displayed. In fact, a group of icons offer free access to extensive fact sheets, illustrative videos, technical pdfs and manuals, together with the opportunity to download the 3d models of the products in STP format.

Virtual Showroom

Technical features

Amazon AWS
CAD conversion
Cloud Front
Photorealistic Rendering
Virtual reality
Content Driven