Shin Software at “StartUp Open Bar” Ep. 45

Emanuele Zinna, CMO of Shin Software, attended the 45th episode of “StartUp Open Bar.” The popular podcast series brought to life by Digital-Hub, a certified business accelerator dedicated to fostering the growth of digitally-native startups. The platform enhances skills in both business and management, providing an indispensable resource for entrepreneurs.

In this episode, the host Antonio Procopio engages in an insightful dialogue with Emanuele. Their conversation traverses the topics of Augmented Reality (AR), the Metaverse, and cutting-edge 3D interactive technology.

For businesses eager to be at the forefront of technological evolution, this episode is a treasure trove. Emanuele explains how these technologies can revolutionize industries, enrich user experiences, and ultimately, drive business growth.

If you’ve ever wondered about the tangible benefits of AR, the Metaverse, or 3D interactive technology for businesses, don’t miss this enlightening episode with Emanuele Zinna.


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